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World of Warcraft Private Server

World of Warcraft Private Server

Welcome to our new website!

Hello all.
Brutal-WoW is online, And were looking for new members to play.
Brutal-WoW is on patch 2.4.1 so everyone can play on!!

Soon there will come a new instance named: HARDCORE Zul`farak.
The mobs will be changed in level 80 elites and the instance will be a 5 man group. There also will drop NEW items.
Forum!!! Press             to acces to the forum

Make a topic on our forum to make a chance to get gm.
Were are now recruiting for 2 gms with nice experiance and they most look for people to play on our server thats there first job.

Scroll down for Connection Guide, account creation and the poll.
New patch.   (2.4.2)

When there come a new patch on wow, DONT download it because if you donwload it you cant connect anymore to Legendary WoW.

Wait with download a new patch till we say to download the new patch than is Brutal-WoW updated.
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Meter Started: May 14, 2008
How to connect to Brutal-WoW
Click here.
First download hamachi. Click at the link.
When you downloaded hamachi install it.
When you installed hamachi you will see a grey hamachi screen with your hamachi ip at the top.
Press at the button left under for turn it on, When its green your hamachi is online.
To connect to my server press the first button right under in the screen the one with 3 balls and a line between it.
Than join a network   (The one under create a new network)
The network name is Brutal-WoW and pass is Brutal.
If you did everything right your now connected to Brutal-WoW.

Now we need to change your Realmlist.wtf
Do to your WoW folder mostly its in your C: If its not look where it is.
When you opened your map go look for Realmlist,wtf when you found it open it with Notepad.
I dont know whats in your realmlist but delete all whats inside.
And put in your realmlist.

Set Realmlist
And save and close.
Now your connected to Brutal-WoW look at the topic under this to create a account.
How to make a account on Brutal-WoW
You need to be connected to Brutal-WoW on hamachi to create a account.
When your connected, Press at the link on the left of this topic to go to the account creation page.
When your on the site you most fill in your account name, Password and e-mail adres.
When have found a goot acc name pass and your e-mail adres press Create account.
Now you most wait 5-10 minutes, Your account will be created in the batabase.

NEVER Make a account wich the name that already used or your acc will be deleted.
Press here to enter our Account Creation Page.
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